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CCTV Cameras in Leicester

Birmingham CCTV are the local leading security surveillance company at the forefront of CCTV design, installation and maintenance. We provide our discerning clients with custom designed digital recording systems that are tailored to their particular requirements in all sectors of the economy.

Each of our CCTV systems is individually created to suit the specific needs of you the customer, this includes site analysis, equipment selection, how many cameras are needed and what quality of recording and storage is required.







Public Sector

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Today our systems are utilised in every marketplace:

• Local Authorities

• Government Buildings

• H M Prison Service

• Hospitals

• Military Sites

• Shopping Centres

• Hotels/Offices

• Bars / Pubs

• Nightclubs

• Banks/Casinos

• Schools

• Nurseries

• Colleges

• Universities

• Student Halls


Please Note!                

With 80% of customers having a different
application for a security system, ensuring your needs are fulfilled by the correct security product is key.

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